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National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse (NTEC)
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What are Transportation Alternatives?

Communities across America have access to Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds from the federal government to expand travel choice, strengthen the local economy, improve the quality of life, and protect the environment. The Transportation Alternatives program was established by Congress in 2012, and is funded through a proportional set-aside of the core Federal-aid Highway Program. Eligible activities include most activities historically funded as "Transportation Enhancements," the Recreational Trails Program, and the Safe Routes to School program.

At the National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse (NTAC), we can help you learn how to use TA funds to revitalize the transportation experience in your community. Follow the links to learn the basics of the TA program or to access state-specific information. You can also order free documents or call us for assistance at our toll-free number.

Federal legislation related to TA is accessible through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) TA Web site.


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