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National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse (NTEC)

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This database of Transportation Alternatives projects includes a complete list of historical Transportation Enhancements (TE) projects dating back to the creation of the TE activities in 1992. However, not all TE projects are eligible for the Transportation Alternatives program. Please consult the "Activity" key to determine the eligibility of any particular project in this database.

This database is updated by NTAC annually. The list includes all programmed TE and TA projects, which may or may not have proceeded to construction yet. The list includes the project name, location, the year the project is expected to be funded (note this is not always the year that the project was or will be funded), the local funding match, the federal funding match, and the total project cost.

The NTAC database includes many additional attributes which are not available online. To view a complete list of attributes in the database, check out the Database Dictionary. Contact NTAC to search for projects using these additional attributes.

  1. Under State, select your state.
  2. Under Activity, select the activity you are interested in.
  3. Click Search. Selecting a specific year or years is not necessary - simply clicking Search includes all years.

To search for more than one state or Activity type, hold down the Control key (Command key for Mac users) while clicking on your selection.

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 1. Pedestrian and bicycle facilities
 2. Pedestrian and bicycle safety and educational activities
 3. Acquisition of scenic or historic easements and sites
 4. Scenic or historic highway programs
 5. Landscaping and scenic beautification
 6. Historic preservation
 7. Rehab/operation of historic transportation facilities
 8. Preservation of abandoned railway corridors
 9. Control and removal of outdoor advertising
 10. Archaeological planning and research
 11. Environmental mitigation/wildlife crossings
 12. Establishment of transportation museums


Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Railway Conversion Scenic Turnouts and Overlooks Outdoor AdvertisingHistoric Preservation Vegetation Management Archaeological Planning and Research Environmental Mitigation Wildlife